First and foremost I would like to thank you for considering us for the development of this project. In general terms, it is a very interesting in that the task at hand is to capture authentic moments within a family, a couple, friends and individuals as they enjoy time spent with our principal star, the “aguacate”. We will work with recipes that are familiar to our target therefore making them credible. 


In this document, I will describe my approach to all aspects of the execution of the images. 


The idea is to have a 2 day shoot where our goal is to accomplish 50 final shots. It is great to be open to the idea of creating situations depending on the location as well as capturing spontaneous moments during the shoot. I would like for the moments to be dynamic and varied. Our approach is to shoot in 2 different locations - 2 different kitchens and different rooms overall, providing production value. 






I want each photograph to capture a story. When the viewer sees the images, they understand what is happening or what is about to happen. They will be stolen moments where the talent will not be allowed to look at the camera. My camera will be the spectator, shooting documentary style and capturing moments shared between our characters and their avocados. 

We must always keep in mind that the avocado is our hero, therefore he is an integral aspect of each situation. 


  1. People playing domino and other Hispanic board games.

  2. Father and son practicing soccer in the backyard

  3. Generational cooking (3 generations preparing the same dish together)

  4. Facetime calling tíos - people can be eating together while apart.

  5. Group of friends watching a soccer match

  6. Mother watching her children play football while she brings the guac and chips

  7. Young mom feeding avocado to her toddler

  8. Young couple eating chips and guac on the couch while their toddler just fell asleep in the couch

  9. Young family seating on the house deck on a sunny day eating burgers with guacamole

  10. Young family watching a football game on a patio TV

  11. Young family having breakfast eating


  1. We will be preparing and serving food in a more typical Hispanic way. As an example, instead of having a full rack of ribs, We can show a griddle full of chopped carnitas.

  2. We will have bowls with different types of salsa for families to share instead of bottles of packed sauces like ketchup or mustard.


  1. Young couple working from home on their laptops while cooking breakfast

  2. Couple sitting by the pool listening to music and eating guac and chips

  3. Couple sun-bathing in a backyard eating guacamole

  4. Couple exercising at home in front of the TV, there’s a plate with fresh avocados and a salad next to it

  5. Couple walking their dog, one of the people is eating an avocado toast

  6. Couple working on a home project (painting a trim or a wall while eating guac)

  7. Couple getting ready to go out, girl is putting makeup while guy is eating a snack

  8. Couple playing with their cat on their sofa

  9. Couple watching Netflix

  10. Couple relaxing on a hammock while having chips and guac

  11. Couple choosing records to play at home

  12. Couple cooking, boyfriend is juggling a couple of avocados

  13. Couple camping in their backyard


  1. Young woman watching a macrame tutorial on her iPad

  2. Young woman watching a movie with a face mask, while eating guac

  3. Young woman studying late night and eating a half avocado as a late snack

  4. Young man practicing on a guitar in his living room at a late night, there is half of an avocado ready to eat as a snack

  5. Young man in cycling attire eating a wrap after a ride

  6. Young man sharing a chip with his dog friend

Day with Lani-29.jpg





My idea is to use as much natural light as possible while shooting exteriors, using bouncers and light touching the lens giving the situation warmth. 


When shooting interiors I would find the source where the light comes in through widows and supplement with artificial light when necessary, while still keeping the look as natural as possible. 

Ideally, the images will be more editorial and less advertising in terms of style, where the light is imperfect with more contrast and sometimes having a flare on the lens.

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 4.47.10 PM (2)



As previously mentioned, I will be stealing moments in situations while having elements in the foreground, dirtying up the image and making it feel like they are part of the story. My goal is to find the angle that has a touch of cinematography.







I very much like to work with colors in pre-production, keeping the client’s guideline in mind, so that the look is consistent throughout. In keeping with the colors of AFM, we will compliment them in accents in every scene whether it be in art direction or styling. Consistency throughout is key. 



Itau-Mauricio Candela-11.jpg





As long as the client is in agreement, I will find perfect imperfections in all situations. What do I mean by this? I’d like to avoid a perfect situation, perfect models, lighting and clothing that are perfectly pressed. For me, perfection is fake and visually unattractive. I’d work with the make-up artist and stylist to create an element that makes the personalities credible.


For example, one our characters could be eating avocado and toast and her hair could sweep across her face in the breeze. The moment causes her to laugh, making it a sincere moment that we could capture. The talent, their hair and overall style should have personality.


The locations should be nice and not feel like a set. 






The avocados are our principal talent and we should treat it as such.

Food styling is of utmost importance and we will work with an excellent food styling team whether we are shooting in USA or in Colombia. The food stylist will need time and a good team to prepare and and be ready to shoot each situation, quickly as there is much to accomplish. 

Here are links to food stylists that we like to work with:



Michelle Mauer - http://michellemauer.com/about/

Laura Ciffone - https://www.ciffone4food.com/

Adriana Paschen - https://adrianapaschen.com/



covid-19 protocols




Whether shooing in the USA or in Colombia, Covid-19 safety protocols will be adhered to. In the event of travel, tests will be performed beforehand. 



  • Require all crew to be tested (resulting negative for Covid-19) 2-3 days before the first shoot day.

  • Limit specific areas of workspaces to essential personnel.

  • Require frequent and thorough hand washing by all personnel, without exception.

  • Require anyone who is sick to stay home.

  • Crew to self-monitor for signs or symptoms of COVID-19 and report if they are sick or experiencing symptoms.

  • Observe respiratory etiquette, including covering coughs and sneezes.

  • Maintain social distancing of no less than 6 feet whenever possible.

  • Masks should be worn while on set or in the workspace. Disposable masks will be available. 

  • Make sure that PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is consistently and properly worn, regularly inspected, maintained, and replaced as necessary.

  • Require PPE to be properly removed and disposed of in trash bins.

  • Maintain regular housekeeping practices, including routine cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, equipment, and other elements in the work environment.

  • Make 6 foot distance markings on the floor in environments where people need to line up.

  • Consider who may effectively be able to work from home. Consider prep, shoot and wrap.




  • Remote casting sessions and callbacks with live broadcast capabilities.

  • Schedule auditions and callbacks, if necessary, far apart to accommodate social distancing.


  • Ask the talent to bring wardrobe options that will work with the concept. 

  • Wardrobe fittings will happen one talent at a time. They will be called at staggered times and will be asked to wait outside if they are early. 



  • Have the minimum amount of crew on set and provide agency and clients a live feed of what is being shot. This will allow for comments and tweaks to be made if necessary.

  • In order to avoid cross-contamination, each department will handle their own equipment. 

  • Hire one person to constantly monitor crew and use of PPE.


  • PPE must be worn for duration of person-to-person contact.

  • Space make-up stations apart from each other.

  • Use only one brush, applicator, etc. per actor. No double-dipping.

  • Mix foundation, powders, lipstick, etc. on a disposable palette for each individual.

  • Clean hairbrushes and combs and reusable make-up brushes with appropriate disinfecting solutions.

  • Actor must wear a mask while having their eyes or hair done. Only remove the actor’s mask when essential.


  • Individually boxed meals will be provided.

  • Provide plenty of tables and seating to spread out safely.

Itau-Mauricio Candela-28.jpg

work samples