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First, I’d like to thank you for considering our team for this project. It is an interesting job in that all will be shot from the POV of our explorer, who will show us the beauty and all that St. Pete / Clearwater has to offer. The images will be shot documentary style and quite naturally. Here we will discuss various aspects of the shoot.

Agency story board

Screen Shot 2020-10-24 at 10.53.43
South Miami-Biscayne National Park-20180






In terms of the story, I like the manner in which it is told - seeing everything through the eyes of our talent in an organic way. Each segment is shot without cutting. The only cut will be through transitions, which will be as smooth as possible. This will make for beautiful images. With proper planning  we will get the reveals that we are looking to show our viewer. 





We will work largely with natural light. This will help us move fast throughout the shoot day. The use of the lights that we do incorporate will help us add accents where we want them when natural light is not giving us the results that we desire.


The idea is that it look as natural as possible and that the light be warm and golden in tone. 

The key to this project is to have a great tech scout. By studying the sun’s position at each location we can plan for when it is best to shoot for the best results. 




We will tell our story from the POV of various people and through their eyes, we will learn of different landscapes of St. Pete / Clearwater. Working with a camera rig that allows us to have fluid movements - a high end professional cameras and not GoPros. I want to use lenses and be able to control the focus so that the footage is cinematographically beautiful.

When we create POV shots, the image has a tendency to have a lot of movement and can make the viewer dizzy. We need to find a good balance in order for us to avoid this. Here are some references.





Let’s avoid having the look of the GoPro. Let’s step it up a notch. I would like to use a good wide angle lens that does not create distortions. We want to work well with the camera and have everything within our control. 





We will use graphic match cuts. 


1 - Bicycle to Kayak:

Here we shoot the POV from the top, facing down where we see the hands of the bicyclist. This is different when it comes to shooting the kayak as the person could be looking straight forward. We can shoot the hands as the talent begins his journey. 


2 - Kayak to Parasail:

The transition here is clear and I see no problem with it. The idea is to be centered creating an image that is as graphic as possible. 


3 - Parachute to Umbrella:

Since we are shooting the POV of the person on the parasail, my only concern is the distance between him and the boat that is pulling him. If this poses a problem and the shot does not work, we can always transition to the sky. For example, we shoot the person on the parasail looking up at the sky and we cut to the person sitting on a chair at the beach also looking at the sky. This would be a back up option. 


4-Splash to Drink

For this shot, we will work with a macro lens that will allow us to create the focus on the drink, near the camera. I see this as a good transition. 

match cut references

South Miami-Biscayne National Park-20180





I believe that the sound is very important in this spot. This is why I propose we record sound at each location. Just like a stills shot from a print campaign may have elements and layers, adding sound to the footage will add texture to each situation - the chain on the bike, the paddles of the kayak splashing into the water, bubbles, the wind, etc. 


The match cut also makes a lot of sound and we can reinforce it. This will give us a more impactful edit and final product. These sounds accompanied by a good track will make a world of difference.