The story will take place in a typical retro Motel. We will have several staging in various parts of the Motel. The story lies in a girl who is very attractive and sensual, but can not finish letting go of the boys, there is something about her that others do not see and that is why this happens. The central point of the situation is that when one of the artists is with her alone, when changing the camera point of view we see that she sees that not only the artist is with her, there are many more people and therefore she is self-conscious a bit.


We will open in a room of the Motel, where Dalex, Ghetto and Happy are playing cards, a quiet night, when suddenly they receive a picture of a spectacular girl, a bit angelic but very sensual. There start the performance with the phone part.


We cut them singing outside in the parking lot with a group of Z dancers / characters


We will then have several performances where we will see each artist with the girl and we will change the plane by seeing more people.


  1. Outside the room, in front of the hotel. We will see GHETTO singing to the girl and when he changes the plane he sees that ghetto is with the other artists and with the group of dancers.

  2. In the room we can have DALEX, when we do the counter plane we see all the artists and the dancers / characters Z

  3. Inside the Car we can see HAPPY with her and when we put the camera inside the car we see that outside they are all looking at them and dancing


There will be many things to interpret in the video that we don't want to say, they will only be left open for the consumer to interpret.



Why doesn't she feel alone? Why does she not finish letting go of him and follow her madness? Will it be that religion is it a very pure girl? We do not know!


We will also have an ingredient of some dancers or choreographers who will act as spectators when we are from her point of view. They will be inspired by generation z and I will talk about them later.



In the end we will end up with the group's full performance, and the innocent and shy girl is already dancing much more sexy and loose with them.




GHETTO KIDS-----------------------------






HAPPY COLORS------------------------------





The girl will be a girl different from the rest, a spectacularly beautiful and sensual girl but that is different in her way of dressing and acting, she will be more conservative in her way of being but we will see how she changes when she is with the artists. A girl who visually breaks with what people expect.



We dress the girl in white, or black, something simply monochromatic, we use differentiating elements for people to interpret why she is different from the others, We can have the neon aura, or simply with clothes but she is a conservative girl with long white pants but as you go into intimacy with in Artist we will see a little more of your underwear





The general talent and / or dancers will have a dress alluding to the Z generation, today everyone has their identity, the men put on a skirt, the women are more masculine, in short, there are no prejudices.

The idea is to make an indefinite style in every way but that there is coherence between them. For example, all men with skirts, or women with equal makeup, also maintain a consistent color palette.





The story will happen in a Motel, we will have scenes in the parking lot, on the facade, in the room, in the bathroom and inside the car.








I imagine the situation happening at night, with natural lighting and color accents