First of all thank you so much for allowing us to participate in the development of this project.

To work with a brand such as Huawei and a celebrity such as Camilo Echeverry who is from my same city, Medellin, brings me a lot of pride.

Since I only had less than a day to work on the concept, I will be brief telling how I visually want to set the tone and visual styling, the campaign aesthetics with both photography and video.

In general, my point of view is real, visually attractive and sophisticated. Real because we are telling the story of Camilo a day in the day of someone that already has a style of life and I don’t want to portray someone that he is not. The idea is to use the products in an organic way that does not feel like it is advertising or fake. Basically, stealing Camilo’s real life moments where the products are part of his life.




12 Final pictures of Camilo using the product

  • Video a day in a life of

  • Party mode

  • App Gallery


  • Studio

  • Exteriors(Miami Beach , Design district)



VIDEO 1/a day in a life of




n the story, we will narrate a day in the life of Camilo, his journey and how HAUWEI makes his life easier. He makes a call, writes a text, takes a selfie and posts, he uses his table to make some musical arrangements to his song and when he finishes we see how he plays music and uses his earphones, leaves the place to walk in the city while listening to the song.

Location - studio and outdoors





I recommend using two cameras due to the limited amount of time and so many deliverables and wardrobe changes. We will have lots of materials and angles to choose from. I also want to capture some b-roll so that the edit is more dynamic.


I see close ups, pretty details of the products and elements that we find within the scene.

My idea is to bring a camera operator and I do the other camera, allowing ourselves to do wide angles and closer shots to gain lots of time.



En cuanto a luz en exteriores quiero usar luz natural, hacer la produccion lo mas light y natural posible. Eso si, sabiendo bien adonde esta el sol y posicionandome bien con respecto a el. Para esto la clave es hacer un buen techscout. 

En interiores en caso de ser necesario iluminare pero sin quitarle ambiente a la escena, no me gusta sobre iluminar ni sentir que son escenas sobreproducidas. Creo que la idea de mantener algo real y con estilo sofisticado lo lograremos si conservamos este estilo editorial de moda.

REF. camera movements (handheld style)



REF. contrast and lighting 

Iremos con luz natural, me gusta mucho tener la imagen contrastada y poder darle ese look premium que queremos, igual no iría con tonos tan saturados, pero en temas de iluminación me imagino algo como esta referencia.




I recommend a faster frame rate to have the material in slow motion since we don’t have direct sound. This helps us have options to go faster or slower and we can slow down and romance the product.


South Miami Beach-Lincoln Road-20180325-





1. Interior location where we can do most of the videos
2. Exteriors for the pictures. Look for textures and Miami openness that gives us a modern and sophisticated look avoiding the Miami stereotipical.


In this studio we can do most of our videos. We will use common areas like the living room, staircase, the top part and shoot Camilo composing and arranging and working in his music.

We will also have to the white studio and other areas to do the cube video and the phones. We will work comfortably and fast to maximize time. Always remember to keep SAFETY measures and taking the breaks necessary to disinfect the areas as per production guidelines established by the government.


I will be looking good textures where we can place Camilo and take pictures as well as video of the journey of his day. We can find minimalistic textures, sophisticated. This will help identify that this is Miami without screaming Miami. The best structures are found in the Design District and Miami Beach (some of our examples).