Thank you for considering me for this sensitive and emotional project, featuring 3 Achondroplasia families in their everyday lives.  My goal is to capture candid moments of the joy and empowerment the patient and family members experience in a variety of daily activities together, in both stills and video.    


I will assemble a small, nimble and talented team for the shoot to assure the comfort of the patients and the families.  Both the photographs and the videos will demonstrate positivity, trust, empowerment and love.

In this document I will further describe my approach. 



This is a lifestyle campaign where the principal idea is to capture candid, happy moments in the lives of the patients and their families.  I see this being shot documentary-style, where the families are engaged in their activities and not statically posing for the camera. 

The interviews will be captured with them simply answering the questions posed by the client and telling their stories in the most natural way possible. 









In terms of lighting, I would like to use as much natural light as possible, combined with reflectors and lighting as needed.  We want to make the experience as calm, comfortable and soothing as possible. The tone that we set with the patients and families will help them be relaxed and comfortable in a situation that is different from their normal routine. 




My suggestion is to establish a color palette to maintain visual consistency in the look of the stills as well as the videos.

I would like to see if the client has an existing color palette or color that is part of their brand’s identity to be used in wardrobe and prop selction as well as in the postproduction and retouching. color correction. 





I have a great deal of experience directing real people.  Recognizing that it is quite different from working with actors and models, I feel it is very important for them to feel comfortable and confident on set. 


There will be  a good amount of improvisation which will work well in both the stills and the videos.