The most important thing in this project is to capture the journey of each character and transmit it to the viewer through videos and photos. We want to be as real as possible and show how to experience Miami in a different way.


The characters that we follow will take us to each adventure. Here we will show you how we will develop these pieces.






When shooting outdoors, we will work with natural light, always avoiding very strong light hits on the faces. We will have diffusers and elements to bounce off the light keeping us agile and as mobile as possible. 


On location, we will use lighting that will support and create a light that is natural. We will work with a slim crew and travel with minimal amount of gear as to be efficient and agile. 





Having a natural and credible look is our goal. We want the viewer to feel that it is a realistic video and not over-produced. The idea is that the consumer feel that he is part of the video and part of the experience. To achieve this, an editorial style shoot may be the right approach. 


We will have our characters interacting well with their environment without having much to think about. They will be real, genuine which will help the editorial and fresh style that we want.





In terms of the stories, the idea is to tell them in an organic and natural manner. The look and feel will be editorial style, staying away from a typical television commercial. It will be spontaneous and casual while preserving the framing and shots. We want for the footage to feel cinematographic bringing the visuals to another level. 


The narrative will be of someone that visits Miami. While not using a script, our story will have a beginning and an end. The viewers will get a glimpse of the multicultural lifestyle that Miami has to offer while giving them an opportunity to plan their trip.


It is a good idea to show a consistency among the videos. For example, design a closing for each of the videos using some music, sounds or graphics elements. 


Please take a look at the references below. The references are a really good sample of how to tell the story, the camera movements and feeling.





In terms of the audio, it will be good to show the traveler’s point of view as he is our narrator. This will help the videos feel more natural, fresh and less like advertising. Every video will be narrated by a different voice as he or she takes us through the experiences in Miami. We will also accompany the videos with stock music that has an uplifting rhythm, keeping the viewer engaged. 


Below are references of narratives, not necessarily in the third person, but giving us inspiration as to what we will accomplish. 





As soon as the job is awarded, the first order of business will be swiftly scout locations. Together with agency and client, we will propose a list of locations for each shoot day so that we are all on the same page.




1-South Beach (First 3 locations)

2-South Beach (2nd day in South Beach more locations)

3-South Beach (LGBT)

4-North Beach + Surfside 

5-Down Town Miami


7-Design District / Wynwood

8-South Dade

9-Coral Gables

10-Coconut Grove

11-Little Havana

12-Little Haiti

13-Historic Overtown






In terms of equipment, we will use:

Video Red Scarlet with cinema lenses.

Stills ful frame Canon 5Ds 50 Megapixels camera and prime lenses.


We also have some stabilizers, easy rigs and toys that will make the scenes beautiful. Obviously trying to be as light as possible. 


lighting, light diffusers and modifiers, all that to complement with natural light

our reel