In a general sense, this project is visually attractive where we are looking to capture natural images that are full of movement. The movement is a very important part of the campaign so it is imperative that we capture it in the photographs.


In this document I will give you a brief description of how we plan to execute. 


patio party

  • Principal talent (4 Friends)

  • Background talent 

  • Backyard at day time

  • 35-40 years old

Friends enjoying Michelob in a patio party with friends, it just rained and we see wet flor and still some drops. Raind Doesn't stop us.

night out

  • Principal talent (4 Friends)

  • Background talent 

  • At night (not to dark)

  • 29-32 years old

Friends having a good time, at a trendy bar, great decoration and good atmosphere. 


  • Principal talent (1 Couple)

  • 25-35 years old

Couple enjoying the sunset and a cold Ultra Gold beer.




The following are our adopted guidelines for shooting during the COVID-19 Pandemic.



  • Limit specific areas of workspaces to essential personnel.

  • Require frequent and thorough hand washing by all personnel, without exception.

  • If soap and water are not available, provide alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol.

  • Require anyone who is sick to stay home.

  • Crew to self-monitor for signs or symptoms of COVID-19 and report if they are sick or experiencing symptoms.

  • Observe respiratory etiquette, including covering coughs and sneezes.

  • Use disposable tissues and discard after each use.

  • Maintain social distancing of no less than 6 feet whenever possible.

  • Masks should be worn while on set or in the workspace. Disposable masks will be available. 

  • Make sure that PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is consistently and properly worn, regularly inspected, maintained, and replaced as necessary.

  • Require PPE to be properly removed and disposed of in trash bins.

  • Use your elbow or knuckles as opposed to fingers whenever possible.

  • Limit the number of people who handle certain items.

  • Do not use other people’s phones or personal work tools.

  • Maintain regular housekeeping practices, including routine cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, equipment, and other elements in the work environment.

  • Assign one individual to be responsible for constant wipedowns of surfaces.

  • Make 6 foot distance markings on the floor in environments where people need to line up.

  • Take time to communicate and plan every part of a project in order to reduce unexpected situations and increase efficiency.

  • Consider who may effectively be able to work from home. Consider prep, shoot and wrap.





  • Remote casting sessions and callbacks with live broadcast capabilities.

  • Schedule auditions and callbacks, if necessary, far apart to accommodate social distancing.

  • When casting for a couple or a family, consider casting real couples or families. 


  • Ask the talent to bring wardrobe options that will work with the concept. 

  • Stylist will shop online (Stylist will need ample time to accomplish this during prep).

  • Wardrobe fittings will happen one talent at a time. They will be called at staggered times and will be asked to wait outside if they are early. 



  • The proposal calls for us to shoot this campaign at ACE Props, staying away from restaurants while being in a more controlled environment. 


  • Schedule the prepro meeting as early as possible.

  • Finalize as many creative decisions as possible no later than the prepro meeting so there will be fewer last minute changes on shoot days.




  • Have the minimum amount of crew on set and provide agency and clients a live feed of what is being shot. This will allow for comments and tweaks to be made if necessary.

  • In order to avoid cross-contamination, each department will handle their own equipment. 

  • Hire one person to constantly monitor and clean necessary areas. 




  • Medic should patrol the set and proactively consult with personnel.

  • Medic can help identify surfaces that need to be wiped down.

  • Health care workers would monitor temperature with infra red thermometers and can also monitor face mask safety and social distancing.


  • PPE must be worn for duration of person-to-person contact.

  • Space make-up stations apart from each other.

  • Use only one brush, applicator, etc. per actor. No double-dipping.

  • Mix foundation, powders, lipstick, etc. on a disposable palette for each individual.

  • Clean hairbrushes and combs and reusable make-up brushes with appropriate disinfecting solutions.

  • Kits will need to include multiples.

  • Actor may be able to wear a mask while having their eyes or hair done.

  • Face shield may be worn by Make-up Artist or Hair Stylist.

  • Only remove the actor’s mask when essential.

  • Once made up, actor may consider face shield (as opposed to mask) in order to not disturb completed make-up.

  • Make-up Artist or Hair Stylist may place and remove face shield for the actor (if the actor prefers).

  • Consider having the actor show up having done their own make-up.


  • Consider a temporary clear barrier between actors while establishing marks and positions, and remove at the last moment.

  • Consider alternate shot set-ups, camera angles, lenses, etc.



  • Carefully consider number of Extras required.

  • Be sure to have enough space and tables and chairs for Extras holding area to be spread out.


  • Individually boxed meals will be provided.

  • Provide plenty of tables and seating to spread out safely.

  • Hand washing station should be present.

  • Some personnel may prefer to bring their own food.

  • Some personnel may prefer to eat in their car.





The idea is to frame the photo in a manner that helps us maintain the 6 feet apart rule.

Each image is composed of the background, main subject and the foreground. The camera will always focus on the main subject. Therefore we can create a composition in the following manner:

Talent - If talent need to be close to each other, then our suggestion would be to book people that are families, that live together and that would not have a problem standing close to each other. These could be roommates, friends or family members. 

Foreground - Here we will basically work with talent that is out of focus and standing closer to camera. Since we are likely not going to see their faces, they are able to wear face masks.


Another option is to shoot the scene in plates. By positioning the talent at their respective marks we are able to shoot the background, main talent and foreground separately. This option takes a bit longer to accomplish, but is doable and delivers excellent results.

Group shots in plates samples



DAYLIGHT (Patio): Here we will work with light that is more one-dimensional. Let's imagine a sky after rainfall where it is still cloudy, yet we see a glimpse of the sun coming through. Here, it is also very important to light from behind so that we see the details in the raindrops. 


INTERIOR LIGHT (Night Out): The idea is to give this shot a feel of nighttime without the establishment feeling too dark. We will create highlights of color to help create the illusion of movement. 

SUNSET (Gold): We will shoot this to make it look like sunset, where our talent is enjoying their beer under the golden light. 








Knowing what the typography and the brand’s layouts are, we will work so that the images have depth using elements in the foreground, in the center and in the background. This will allow for us to position the bottle where we’d like, allowing us to play with the typography and the letters among the elements in the image.