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Canelo Alvarez and VMC Partnering with Candela and Bikini Films in Exciting Venture

Updated: May 2

The renowned brand VMC "Viva Mexico Cabrones," along with the world boxing champion Canelo Alvarez, developed a campaign in which Canelo Alvarez served as the spokesperson. The campaign was produced by Bikini Films, and the direction was led by Mauricio Candela. Video pieces, still lifestyle photography, boxing shots, product images, and flat backgrounds were created.

It was produced in San Diego, California, where the entire team exerted their utmost effort to achieve an ambitious amount of material and to coordinate a dance in an organized manner since we had to capture all the material within a few hours.


Ad Agency: Rock The Agency

Client: VMC

Campaign: VMC Canelo Alvarez

Production Company: Bikini Films

Director + Photographer: Mauricio Candela

Executive Producer: David Chipon

DP: Jaime Valdueza

1st AD: Gasparo

Editor: Mia

Art Director: Federico Laboureau











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