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The Big Book: Designed by The Brand Union and Lambie-Nairn,and helped brought to life by Getty Images and Clear Channel, the CannesAlso exhibition will be held outside of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes during Festival week. They will be exhibited in the form of The Big Book.

The Big Book build is well underway, promising a striking and inspiring installation outside the Palais des Festivals. To give some idea of the scale of The Big Book, and the imagination and ingenuity that has gone into its creation, stats and facts include:

• 1,500 photographs were submitted by people working in the global creative industry, from 35 countries • 1,200 of these photographs have been chosen to be printed in The Big Book • 11 photographs have been selected by acclaimed photographer Rankin, to be given prominent placement in The Big Book • Weight of The Big Book once complete will be 7.9 tonnes (including two tonnes flooring weight and 14 metal frames @ 300KG per section) • The Big Book contains 100 pages, is 4m wide and 2.5m high • Materials used to make The Big Book include 52m of aluminium, 302 sqm of fire rated timber, 169sqm MDF, 58m structural steel and 169m of carpet • A 17 tonne truck was used to transport The Big Book from London to Cannes • 18 people are dedicated to the build of The Big Book (including designers, metal workers, engineers, fabricators, drivers, project manager)

Rankin, curator of The Big Book said: “The Big Book stands as a towering reminder of creativity and the power of images to evoke strong emotions and spark further creative outputs. It was a pleasure to be asked to help select the photos that have made it into The Big Book and I was extremely impressed by both the quality of these images, but also of the wide range of subject matter.”

“The beauty of photography is its inclusivity; every one of us has the potential to create images of beauty, poignancy and inspiration, no matter who we are. The Big Book is a symbol of this exoteric expression, and a reminder that our intrinsic creativity has the power to influence and enhance everything we do.”

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