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The Making of Barry University's Inspiring Project with Candela

Updated: Jun 6, 2023


Client: Barry University

Director & Still Photographer: Mauricio Candela

Production Company: The Blur Office

Producer: Michelle Jayme & Douglas Hawryluk

DP: Antal Steinbach

Second Camera: LightYears

Photo Assistant: Focus Junior

Digitech: Alain Alminana, Javier Sanchez

Postproduction: Cerebro


Barry University, together with Mauricio Candela and his team, worked on a campaign consisting of 2 TV commercials, a photographic library, an institutional video, and other pieces. As a renowned lifestyle photographer and considered one of the best photographers in the industry, Candela brought his unique style to the campaign, using a documentary-style approach to capture the essence of student life at Barry University.

The challenge and beauty of this campaign was to work with real students, capturing their personalities without limiting their performance and style too much. Candela, with his extensive experience and skill, was able to put the students at ease and capture their natural selves, resulting in stunning and authentic images.


Working with real people is one of Candela's passions, and he enjoyed this work very much. It was four intense days of production, where two days were spent filming the commercial while touring the Miami campus, and the other two days were focused on capturing images and the student and campus lifestyle.

This was a true collaboration, as both the students, campus employees, and crew gave 100% to achieve these pieces. With Candela's direction and expertise, the campaign was a great success and showcased the vibrant and dynamic student life at Barry University in a truly unique and compelling way.













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