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Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Neil Armstrong , the Jackson family and Baywatch by Mauricio Candela. This project presented a challenge both in time and in budget. To recreate 3 famous photographs: Armstrong and his fellow astronauts, the Jackson 5 and the famous TV series Baywatch with Pamela Anderson and David Hasselholff. The problem: using the real photographs would cost a lot of money. The solution: to do an extensive casting in order to find lookalikes and recreate the scenes. That is what we did. We found the right talent and also the right wardrobe, renting astronaut suits in L.A. and working hard to find the Jackson 5 outfits in Miami. That is how we made it happen in 3 shoot days.

The Team:

Agency: Maruri Grey

Client: Glue-It

Creative Directors: Alejandro Peré, Luis Campoverde, Pipo Morano

Art Buyer: Ana Puig

Photography: Mauricio Candela

Retouching: Mauricio Candela

Production Company: The Blur Office

Producer: Michelle Jayme

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