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Updated: May 15

On any given day in May in Miami, Nancy and Candela took these photos enjoying the warmth of the moment. Simple, just a way, with an inflatable pool in the backyard of Mauricio Candela's home.

One of Candela's passions is to improvise and capture real moments without much production, something that often doesn't yield the same result when too much production and elements are involved. Candela likes to capture these imperfect moments, where some photos may be blurry or out of focus and where imperfection is part of the story. Many times with clients, it's difficult to do this because the vast majority of the time, they seek perfect lighting, perfect hair, and the perfect situation, which makes the photo less real and a bit more boring, sometimes falling into the typical stock photo that NOBODY wants.


Photographer: Candela

City: Miami-USA


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